Never change your email address again! Brand your name, business name, or any available domain name as your permanent email address.

     Ideal for people whose name is their business (Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, Accountants, Mortgage Brokers etc.), and small businesses who want to brand their name with their email address.

     See what Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt did to protect their daughters' name. [ click on article ]

Here's 5 Reasons to Brand Your Name.
1. You never have to change your email address again.
2. You can change your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and your email stays the same, saving you money in advertising and business cards etc.
3. You're always marketing your name or brand and business when clients contact you.
4. The internet is very cost effective marketing.
5. Once you own your name it's yours forever.

     Brand Your Name specializes in registering "your name" on the internet, directing personalised email and hosting your iBusiness Card.

     Your internet web site domain name works as an important marketing tool to help your customers recognized your business plus it creates retention and brand recognition. Your domain name would be arguably your best business investment and is without doubt the most cost effective advertising and marketing tool available.

     Are you one of the thousands of businesses or persons marketing other brands with your email address ending in -,,, &

     Instead you should be marketing in ALL your emails, advertising and marketing material. "" could be your business name or acronym or your first name and surname e.g.

     First names and surname's are becoming very popular with Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, sales people and Mortgage Brokers basically any personal service business. They are finding that their clients remember them by their name and not by the company they represent.   

So call Joanne now to register your domain name today to avoid disappointment.
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