Biggerfish.co.nz Limited t/a Brand Your Name, was incorporated in 2001, by Steve & Joanne McGowan. Joanne is General Manager of the company.

saw a gap in the market and found that there are thousands of business people such as Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers and basically any one who is sales, promoting other brands and therefore not promoting their most important brand ...their own name.

Research has found that clients and customers will buy again from you because of the service that you provided...that they recall your name not necessary the company you are or were working for.

Our objective is to get your database of clients and customers to do business with you again. Proven statistics show it costs hundreds of dollars to get a new customer/client and only a few dollars to retain a customer/client. With the help of the internet this can be reduced to just few cents.

So how does this work? The most important sound to your ears and the one word you like to hear the most is "your name". This is even more important in business. Say your name is John Smith. Brand Your Name will register your name eg. www.johnsmith.co.nz and activate your email address as sales@johnsmith.co.nz

Clients can visit your iBusiness Card web site which will show your contact details and bio with a photo. Each time they email you or visit your site you are reinforcing your name and therefore your brand. Even if you move companies or start your own business your clients and customers will be able to find you.

So call Joanne now to discuss your brand requirements. Names are going fast so call now to avoid disappointment.
Don't delay call now on 09-476 9199